A day in the life of a wizard

A day in the life of a wizard
Jun 23, 2014 Kelvin Grove

Today 3PIMG_0830[1] have had a magical day full of wizardry.

They took to their brooms and zoomed around escaping Death Eaters and Voldemort.







Using mini iPads the children had the adventure of a lifetime.

Touching the water was tricky. You had to make sure you didn’t fall off the broom.












They wrote about their thrilling day.

Here are some of their recounts for you to enjoy.



Today I had a magical day…. I shot through the busy streets of London on an incredible Nimbus 2000 and saw the world from up high. My heart pounded like a loud drum when I flew over the dangerous cave. I also shook like a leaf whilst I soared over a train. I was scared in case I was hit. I flew over the salty sea nearly hitting a boat. Then I whizzed along the River Thames whilst the mist blew in my face. Finally I was back at Hogwarts Castle. Victory! Today was a moment in my life I will never forget.














Today I had the most brilliant day ever. I shot through the busy streets of London on a Nimbus 2000 and I nearly hit a bus! At that point my heart pounded and I was soaring. I flew over a train track and I heard a steam train hooting so I darted up into the air. Gliding over the sea touching freezing cold water the wind felt colder on my face. Suddenly I had to swerve to miss a ship. I was terrified. However at the same time I felt excited. Today I have experienced a day I will never forget.

I’m sure you agree, that 3P have all earned their broom flying licences.

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