Bonjour 1F!

Bonjour 1F!
Nov 8, 2015 S Fallon

For our international festival 1F crossed the channel and completed a French adventure! We look at French food, culture, fashion and history.

Map France

One of the first things we did was to look at the geography of the country. We looked at the different regions that produce wines and cheese plus where the land turns into mountains.

Can you find Paris on this map?







The children thoroughly enjoyed their French breakfast of croissants, pain au chocolate and crepes. We did a tally of what the favourite breakfast was and turned this into a pictograph.

As you can see the crepes proved to be very popular!






IMG_4899We looked at French fashion through the ages and the children were tasked with creating an outfit fit for Louis the XIIII who was known for his extravagant style. The results were spectacular!









IMG_4904To sum up our learning we wrote acrostic poems that reminded us of the things we love about France.








IMG_4893As a class we decided we could make money from art like the famous French painters Monet and Picasso. We created cut-outs like Henri Matisse which were truly works of art.


IMG_4895 IMG_4897



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