Journalism Club – Kelvin Khronicle

Journalism Club – Kelvin Khronicle
Jan 18, 2018 Kelvin Grove

Our Journalism Club were hard at work before the Christmas break to get their magazine completed. Please see below for the 1st edition of the “Kelvin Khronicle”.

Kelvin Khronicle-page-001 Kelvin Khronicle-page-002 Kelvin Khronicle-page-003 Kelvin Khronicle-page-004 Kelvin Khronicle-page-005 Kelvin Khronicle-page-006 Kelvin Khronicle-page-007 Kelvin Khronicle-page-008 Kelvin Khronicle-page-009 Kelvin Khronicle-page-010 Kelvin Khronicle-page-011 Kelvin Khronicle-page-012 Kelvin Khronicle-page-013 Kelvin Khronicle-page-014

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