Sacre Award

Sacre Award
Dec 4, 2013 Kelvin Grove

On Wednesday 4th December 2013 Kelvin Grove was awarded the Standard Advisory Council for Religious Education (Sacre award). Mr Howell the Chair of Gateshead SACRE presented the award to Mrs Akram. We achieved the award through the dedication and commitment by Mr Bennett, Miss Heaney, Miss Clark and Mrs Scott who worked alongside our Year 6 children.

The Year 6 children used the focus of the  Lindisfarne Gospels to produce a  portfolio of work to celebrate the importance of the Gospels.





Have a look at some of the work which our Year 6 children completed to help our school  win the Sacre award.


DSC01052      DSC01053

DSC01050      DSC01055



DSC01065     DSC01064    DSC01063










DSC01069     DSC01068     DSC01067



DSC01061  DSC01059



DSC01073 DSC01078    DSC01076

DSC01074    DSC01071










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