School Policies

Please find key school policy documents below

POL001 School Complaints Policy 20.5.16

POL002 Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Policy reviewed 10

POL003 Child Protection Policy 14.11.17

POL005 Calculation Policy 4.3.16

POL006 Behaviour and Discipline Policy 10.6.16

POL008 Curriculum Policy Statement 2016 10.6.16

POL009 Acceptable Use Policy 9.6.16

POL012 Charges, Voluntary Contributions and Remissions Policy 11.11.16

POL013 Attendance policy 15.9.17

POL014 English Policy 20.5.16

POL015 Monitoring & Evaluation Policy 20.5.16

POL017 International Policy 10.6.16

POL018 Administration of Medication and Management of Health Needs Policy 20-5-16

POL019 Equalities Policy 2.2.17

POL021 Accessability Plan 2.2.17

POL022 Exclusion Policy 2.2.17

POL023 Physical Intervention & Restraint Policy 20.5.16

POL024 Computing Curriculum Policy 10.6.16

POL026 Online Safety Policy 10.6.16

POL028 Inclusion Policy 2.2.17

POL030 Anti-Bullying Policy 2.2.17

POL034 Health & Safety Policy 24.5.18

POL037 Data Protection Policy (GDPR Compliant) 25.4.18

POL039 No Smoking Policy 20.5.16

POL042 SEND Policy 20.5.16

POL043 Sex & Relationships Education Policy 20.5.16

POL057 Nursery Admissions Policy 6.6.17

POL058 Reading Policy 11.11.16

POL059 Homework Policy 11.11.16

POL060 SMSC & British Values Policy 11.11.16

POL061 Most Able & Talented Policy 11.11.16

POL068 Data Breach Reporting Policy (GDPR Compliant) 25.4.18

POL069 Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Policy & Procedure (GDPR Compliant) 25.4.18


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