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 This work can be completed in your child’s Home Learning Book which was sent home. Remember you can contact your child’s teacher if you have any queries on the year group emails – we’re here to help.

We welcome feedback – this is all very new for all of us! Let us know what works well and if anything would be more helpful.

Year 5

Weekly plan

Please see the plan below for Home Learning. This gives you the activities to carry out each day and how to use them. Remember you can email your class teacher if you have any queries at year5@kgprimary.school

Each day there is:

  • a Wellbeing activity
  • a Maths and English activity
  • an activity for one other topic

If you need a paper copy of these, please contact the school office.

Week 3 (18.01.21) & 4 (25.01.21)Year 5 Home Learning Timetable wk 3 + 4
Week 1 (04.01.21) & 2 (11.01.21)Year 5 Home Learning Timetable


general information

Resources Week 3 & 4

Maths Resources

Daily activities:

 Maths Week 3 + 4 tasks

Week 3 

Maths week 3 Friday

Maths wk 3 Friday Answers

Division Week 4

Week 4 

Maths week 4 Friday

Maths wk 4 Friday answers


English Resources

Daily activities:

See plan for breakdown of The Tunnel activities on the main plan.

The Tunnel by Anthony Browne 


Week 3

English Week 3 

The Tunnel Friday Week 3 Comparing

Week 4English Week 4

Handwriting resources and activities:

Pencil control patterns

Tricky Word handwriting Practise

Handwriting lined paper

Wellbeing Resources





A whole host of different subjects and things to discover.


Take a quiz linked to your Accelerated reader book. Don’t forget to log your quiz result in your log book.


Interactive books and reading activities to share with your child at home.

Username: kelvinhome

Password: kelvinhome



All sorts of maths games!


Practise your times tables and become a Rock Hero! You should have your password. If not contact your class teacher. Type in Kelvin Grove Primary School, Gateshead.


Choose a spelling rule you are learning then choose to either practise the spelling by playing fun games or take a test with those words.


A safe, child friendly search engine for any interent research.


Lots of Maths and English games.


All sorts of games and activities!

Resources Week 1 and 2

Maths resources:

Please follow the link as every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child complete the activity successfully.


Instructions for parents to find white rose

Day 1   Wk1 L1 Measure- perimeter worksheet              Wk1 L1 Measure-perimeter answers

Day 2  Wk1 L2 Measure-perimeter worksheet                 Wk1 L2 Measure-perimeter answers

Day 3  Wk1 L3 Measure- perimeter worksheet                 Wk1 L3 Measure- perimeter answers

Day 4 Wk1 L4 Measure- perimeter worksheet                    Wk1 L4 Measure- perimeter answers

Day 5 Wk2 L1 Measure- perimeter worksheet                     Wk2 L1 Measure- perimeter answers

Day 6 Wk2 L2 – area worksheet                                                Wk2 L2 – area answers

Day 7 Wk2 L3 – area worksheet                                                 Wk2 L3 – area answers

Day 8 Wk2 L4 – area worksheet                                                 Wk2 L4 – area answers

Day 9 Wk2 L5 – area worksheet                                                 Wk2 L5 – area answers

English resources:

Daily activities:

See plan for breakdown of The Ultimate Guide to Elves and Sprites activities on the main plan


Topic resources:

See the main plan for additional resources and how to use them

Week 1 – day 1 geography

Week 2 – day 1 – geography

Awesome Angels

Sage Stars

Blazing Baltics

Millennium Magic

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Acting Head Teacher:
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Chair of Governors:
Mr I. Mearns MP


We are a truly inclusive school and welcome our pupils from all over the world.

Based in Bensham, Gateshead, Kelvin Grove Primary School caters for children aged between 3 and 11. We provide our children with a safe and stimulating environment in which they develop their academic, physical, spiritual, moral, social and cultural lives.

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