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One of our key values at Kelvin Grove is ‘Aspiration’. We believe all our children can and should achieve and we are committed to helping your child reach their full potential. Our results speak for themselves:

KS2 SATs results 2019

% of children at Age Related Expectations

SchoolNationalSchool resultsNational (interim)
Writing (teacher assessed)82%78%74% 78%
Maths88%76%82% 79%
GPS97%78%88% 78%
Combined RWM74%64%65% 65%

% of children at the higher standard

SchoolNationalSchool resultsNational
Reading18%28%27% 27%
Writing (teacher assessed)18%20%21% 20%
Maths24%23%41% 27%
GPS21%34%44% 36%
Combined RWM12%10%15% 11%

You can see our latest results by clicking this link school and college performance tables.

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